Our Roots


In 2018 on a stormy Saturday evening, two parents had experienced a particularly treacherous few hours settling their two young children into bed. They returned to their sofa weary eyed but determined to watch ‘that film’ together that they’d been promising each other they’d do for weeks!

The film was ready, the logs were slowing burning in the fire and they sunk into the sofa, BUT they wanted something to snack on, something sweet & something ‘snacky’.

They had pyjamas on and the thought of going outside was not an option!

One of them went to the cupboard, opened it sighed and closed it again. ‘It’s so frustrating that you can’t just order nice treats like you can order a pizza’ Holly said to Lee…..and that’s where it all began.

Sugar Crave was founded by two parents that needed a pick me up, a little treat for themselves after a long day with the kids.


The brand is passionate about bringing convenience to consumers; bring you sweets to your seats. Enabling you to order treats when you really want them and getting them to you at super fast speeds.

The brand launched in Shropshire and the sweets were packed and delivered by the founders Lee & Holly whilst running the business around their young family.


Sugar Crave has expanded in quick succession and now covers over 23,000 postcodes in 6 branches. They have drivers in all locations who always deliver with a smile on their face and sweet packers at their HQ whom work hard to ensure the sweetie goodness is instilled within every box.


Sugar Crave offer a postal delivery service that goes out to the whole of the UK delivering the Pick ‘n’Mix and Night in Box to every household that needs a treat!

Sugar Crave also offer a limited local delivery service for those who want same day delivery if they order before 1pm ‘and’ it is the scheduled day for the delivery to that area. For the schedule please click here

Sugar Crave work hard to ensure customers are happy with their orders, and have established an excellent customer feedback record. Sugar Crave want to deliver the treats to the many ‘cravers’ of all things Pick ‘n’ Mix and snack related and are working hard to ensure the delivery of that.

Sugar Crave are passionate about great packaging and guarantee where possible all items are fully recyclable and plastic is kept to a bare minimum.