99p Sweet bag Builder

Baby Dolphins
Baby Dolphins (140g)£0.99
Blue Raspberry Bon Bons
Blue Raspberry Bon Bons (140g)£0.99
Bubblegum Millions
Bubblegum Millions (100g)£0.99
Cadbury Fudge bars x 4£0.99
candy cones
Candy Cones (140g)£0.99
Caramel Freddos
Caramel Freddos x 4£0.99
Fini Rainbow Pencils
Fini Rainbow Pencils (1 pack of 15 pencils)£0.99
Fini Rainbow Roller
Fini Rainbow Roller x 3£0.99
Fizzy Bears
Fizzy Bears (140g)£0.99
Fizzy Cherries
Fizzy Cherries (140g)£0.99
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Cola bottles (140g)£0.99
Fizzy Peaches
Fizzy Peaches (140g)£0.99
Fizzy snakes
Fizzy snakes (140g)£0.99
Fizzy Strawberries
Fizzy Strawberries (140g)£0.99
Fizzy Strawberry Belts
Fizzy Strawberry belts (140g)£0.99
Fizzy Watermellon Slices
Fizzy Watermelon slices (140g)£0.99
Fried Eggs
Fried eggs (140g)£0.99
Haribo Bear Buddies
Haribo Bear Buddies (140g)£0.99
Haribo Cola Bottles
Haribo Cola bottles (140g)£0.99
Haribo Friendship Rings
Haribo Friendship rings (140g)£0.99
Haribo Giant Strawberries
Haribo Giant Strawberries (140g)£0.99
Haribo Gold Bears
Haribo Gold Bears (140g)£0.99
Haribo Happy Cherries
Haribo Happy Cherries (140g)£0.99
Haribo Heart Throbs
Haribo Heart Throbs (140g)£0.99
Haribo Jelly Babies
Haribo Jelly Babies (140g)£0.99
Haribo Terrific Turtles
Haribo Terrific Turtles (140g)£0.99
Jazzies (140g)£0.99
Jelly beans
Jelly Beans (140g)£0.99
Jelly Snakes
Jelly Snakes (140g)£0.99
Kit Kat Gold 4 finger
Kit Kat Gold 4 finger (x 1 bar)£0.99
Mini Teeth Fangs
Mini Teeth Fangs (140g)£0.99
Pink and white mice
Pink & White Mice (140g)£0.99
Porky Pigs
Porky Pigs (140g)£0.99
Large Red Lips
Red Lips (140g)£0.99
Refresher Chew bars
Refresher Chew bars x 11£0.99
Snowies (140g)£0.99
Sour Dummies
Sour dummies (140g)£0.99
Stockleys clotted Cream Fudge
Stockleys clotted Cream Fudge (140g)£0.99
Strawberry Bon Bons
Strawberry Bon Bons (140g)£0.99
Strawberry millions
Strawberry Millions (100g)£0.99
Strawberry refresher Chew bars
Strawberry refresher Chew bars x 10£0.99
The Dorest sweet company chocolate & Orange Fudge
The Dorest sweet company chocolate & Orange Fudge (100g)£0.99
Sea Salt and Caremel Fudge
The Dorest sweet company Sea salt & caramel Fudge (100g)£0.99
vimto Chew Bar
Vimto Chew bars x 10£0.99
Pink and white mice
White Mice (140g)£0.99
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